An update on "Updates"

Tuesday, May 26, 2009 at 4:00 PM

Updates are back! As the launch of OpenSocial support for iGoogle draws ever closer, we wanted to give you guys more ability to test and refine your gadget's use of the activity stream.

To that end we encourage you to install the Updates gadget which is now actively displaying Update streams from contacts in your Friend's group. Remember, this is not the final UI - when we launch, Updates will be built into the container, rather than appearing in a standalone gadget.

As you already know, in the wild there will be limits on the amount of Updates we allow from gadgets, to prevent spam. As of right now, we are considering a daily quota of three Updates per user per gadget. This limit will not be enforced on gadgets in the sandbox so that you can continue testing your code without worrying about these protections, but be aware that there will be some anti-spam restrictions when these features go live.

For more on Updates, check out the OpenSocial tutorial's activities section.