Now with more sand! Updated Themes API

Wednesday, June 11, 2008 at 1:59 PM

With all the layout and feature changes going on in iGoogle, we're happy to release an updated Themes API for developers. The API now allows customizations to the left navigation, chat, and gadget frame features in the sandbox, so you can customize even more of iGoogle. To get the full list of changes, please check out our updated developer's guide and reference.

If you have already created an existing theme, we encourage you to update it with the new attributes, test it in the sandbox, and resubmit it. Here's an example for how you can modify the chat list in your theme's XML file:

<attribute name="navbar.contacts.contact_color">#FF8080</attribute>
<attribute name="navbar.contacts.status_color">#FF8080</attribute>
<attribute name="navbar.contacts.hover_background_color">#FF0000</attribute>
<attribute name="navbar.contacts.card.border_color">#B30000</attribute>

As always, questions and feedback are welcome and encouraged in the Themes API group.

Some known bugs that we plan on fixing very soon are:
  • New buttons not yet available for themes
Thanks ahead of time for your feedback.