iGoogle Roadmap

Tuesday, May 20, 2008 at 6:18 PM

Since the launch of the developer sandbox, many of you have asked when the new features of iGoogle will find their way into users' hands. We plan to release canvas view and the new interface first, sometime in June. Those of you with existing applications should add a canvas view to take advantage of more screen real estate. And using canvas view, you can also monetize with ads.

Social features, including the OpenSocial API, updates, and notifications, will roll out later during the summer. As each of these releases approaches, we'll give you more specific dates. And as they become available, we'll roll out more updates to the interface and API to the sandbox.

Checkout these slides from the OpenSocial Summit for more details on iGoogle. If you have questions about iGoogle or the roadmap, please visit the iGoogle Developer Forum.